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The chain of dangerous exploitation

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XPO Logistics is a little-known logistics company that’s raking in big profits by abusing workers. XPO is behind-the-scenes so companies like Amazon, Ikea, Walmart, Nestlé and Target and other popular retailers can operate. But now, working people from around the world are ready to expose XPO and demand better.

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Deaths. Sexual harassment. Wage theft. Discrimination. Miscarriages. COVID-19 exposure. Union busting.

The list of allegations against XPO Logistics goes on and on.

XPO Logistics is risking the lives of working people across the globe for profit. A new report released by the XPO Global Union Family has exposed the reality behind one of the largest global logistics providers in the world. Workers across XPO’s global network have come together to share their experiences of wage theft, exploitation, discrimination, sexual harassment and dangerous working conditions.

The violation of workers’ rights anywhere is an attack on working people everywhere. Write a letter to XPO's Board telling the company to stop exploiting their workers.

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New Report Claims Extensive Worker Abuses at One of the World's Largest Logistics Companies

XPO Logistics has long hidden behind the big brands that utilize its shipping and logistics services, such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, but a report released on Wednesday shines a light on its exploitative labor practices around the world.

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Iceland Covid-hit depot workers 'afraid to go back'

The borough council confirmed a further 13 staff had tested positive at the site run by XPO Logistics. Some employees, 150 of whom are self-isolating, are now afraid to return to the premises.

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New York Times

XPO Logistics Will Close Warehouse Where Some Pregnant Workers Miscarried

"The warehouse is closing because management chose to run this place like it’s their personal plantation, rather than running it like it’s a company,” one worker reported.

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