[ Teamsters Win Two Contracts
for XPO Workers ]

History in the making.

Following a six-year battle from organizing to completed contract, XPO Logistics workers in Miami, FL and Trenton, NJ made history in July 2021 when they voted to ratify the first Teamsters contracts just one week apart at the transportation and logistics giant.

The contract victories have given a major boost and momentum to XPO workers' efforts nationwide to win a more secure future. The only way to win that secure future is organizing and negotiating rights and protections in a legally binding Teamster contract.

The company will continue to put up roadblocks, but when Teamsters fight, Teamsters win!

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“The company said the Teamster would never ratify a contract with XPO. Well, never is now and we have our rights and protections in a legally binding contract.”

Juan Cepero, Driver, XPO Miami

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“The contract at XPO in Miami is a strong foundation which we can build upon. We will be back at the negotiating table within two years to fight for even more gains.”

Mike Zangrillo, Driver, XPO Miami

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“The Teamster contracts with XPO in Miami and in Trenton put our protections in writing. I urge my coworkers at other XPO locations to join us in forming your union and then negotiating a first contract. There is power in numbers.”

Bruce Ryan, Driver, XPO Trenton

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TeamCare created this information for XPO workers, so you can take a look at the benefit of having quality health care like many Teamster employers provide. XPO has refused to consider a change to TeamCare but if enough of us are willing to fight, we are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

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