Is XPO getting nervous?

For years, XPO has illegally misclassified drivers as “independent contractors” – meaning workers receive no wage and hour protections, paid sick leave, or health insurance.

XPO’s anti-worker and misclassification practices are putting their customers and shareholders at risk. And American CEO Bradly Jacobs has dumped company stock worth millions of dollars since this summer. What does he know that you don’t? We may never know but it seems like XPO’s business practices will put you at financial risk, even if you are a customer or shareholder

[ How XPO’s illegal business model
will affect you ]

As a customer:

California recently passed SB338 which will hold businesses that hire trucking companies who are “repeat offenders” for misclassification and wage theft financially accountable.

If XPO is found guilty of wage theft and misclassification again, retail customers like you will be forced to pay the price. Protect your bottom line by calling for an end to the illegal driver misclassification.

As a shareholder:

As lawsuits pile up, XPO's practice of driver misclassification is putting shareholder investments at risk. In October, the company settled for $30 million in a massive class action litigation for wage theft and illegally misclassifying drivers as independent contractors.

If XPO continues to steal wages and misclassify their workers, the company could lose access to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach – the most active ports in the country. How will XPO deliver returns for their investors when they’re locked out of these ports? Tell XPO to stop misclassifying drivers and to treat their drivers with the dignity and respect they deserve.