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USA Today

Real 'supply chain crisis' is shortage of companies treating truck drivers with respect

I want you to know that the issues our supply chain is facing weren’t inevitable, and they’re certainly not because there’s a shortage of men and women willing to be truck drivers. The real shortage is a shortage of good, union jobs that fairly compensate workers and treat us with the dignity and respect we deserve.

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Press Release

XPO Drivers Achieve Nearly $30 Million In Settlements After Company Misclassified Its Workers

784 current and former first-seat port drivers working for XPO Logistics are set to receive nearly $30 million in settlement of their class-action lawsuits alleging that they were willfully misclassified, left unreimbursed for truck costs and received less than minimum wage, after a California federal judge granted preliminary approval of two settlements, one between XPO Cartage and its drivers, and the other between XPO Port Services and its drivers.

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ITF Global

XPO boss accused of receiving multi-million-pound bonus while receiving millions of UK furlough cash

Analysis of the government figures of furlough payments revealed that XPO claimed more than £100 million in furlough payments. XPO may also have received millions of pounds in taxpayer-funded business rates relief. Despite claiming millions in furlough payments, XPO last year recorded $16.5 billion in revenue with a record breaking second half of the year. In July 2020, Jacobs received a long term cash award of up to $80 million and an annual bonus of $3.3 million for his handling of the Covid pandemic.

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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, alongside other international unions, are raising concerns about the excessive compensation package of XPO Logistics CEO Bradley Jacobs; With Jacobs in line to receive up to $80 million under a new award, the unions are alerting shareholders and the public of the estimated £100 million the company claimed as pandemic relief in the U.K

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The Hartford Courant

Global transportation company that received $2.7 million in Connecticut aid cited for misclassifying workers as contractors

A global transportation company that received a $2.7 million loan from Connecticut has been cited in federal and California courts for misclassifying workers as independent contractors, potentially leaving them without coverage under wage and hour laws.

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The Details of Worker Abuse at One of the World’s Largest Logistics Companies Are Appalling

A report compiled by an international network of unions exposes ruthless worker exploitation at XPO Logistics, the global transportation giant headquartered in Connecticut. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s mistreatment and repression have only gotten worse.

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« 15 000 euros n’achètent pas une vie » : un employeur accusé d’avoir mis en danger une salariée décédée du covid

Ludgero Matias Dos Santos a perdu sa femme, Maria de Fatima Dos Santos, décédée du Covid-19 alors qu’elle continuait de travailler pour son employeur, XPO Logistics. Il accuse l’entreprise d’avoir fait travailler sa femme sans protections et alors qu’il y avait des suspicions de cas positifs sur le site.

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Commercial Appeal

XPO Logistics Took Our Jobs. Now They’re Trying to Take Our Tax Dollars, Too

Workers speak out: “We cannot let XPO take advantage of public funds and skirt around taxes if they are not going to treat our community and our people with the respect we deserve.”

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New Report Claims Extensive Worker Abuses at One of the World's Largest Logistics Companies

XPO Logistics has long hidden behind the big brands that utilize its shipping and logistics services, such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, but a report released on Wednesday shines a light on its exploitative labor practices around the world.

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L'État nous a livrés en pâture, il a abandonné les petites gens" : la peur et la colère des salariés qui continuent à travailler

L’annonce a tétanisé les 230 salariés du transporteur XPO à Fleury-Merogis : une de leur collègue est morte dimanche du coronavirus. 48 ans, deux enfants. Elle travaillait depuis 17 ans sur cette plateforme logistique qui alimente une trentaine de magasins Carrefour. Six a

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Iceland Covid-hit depot workers 'afraid to go back'

The borough council confirmed a further 13 staff had tested positive at the site run by XPO Logistics. Some employees, 150 of whom are self-isolating, are now afraid to return to the premises.

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Trucking company reports 300 on pandemic leave

“No social distance, no care at all, sick employees kept quiet...We have no PPE. I have no hand sanitizer. I did get some wipes from a customer, thank God," report workers across the U.S.

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Asos denies its warehouse is a 'cradle of disease' for workers

"Conditions at Asos are scarcely believable - workers we’ve spoken to describe it as a ‘cradle of disease’. It’s absolutely horrifying, a real catalogue of shame. Here, you’ve got people packed on to public transport, a lack of social distancing, thousands of workers going into one warehouse then back to their families.”

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XPO y los representantes sindicales a nivel europeo acercan posiciones

La creación de un comité de empresa europeo puede facilitar la interlocución entre la dirección del operador logístico y su plantilla en Europa, a fin de evitar más movilizaciones en el futuro.

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Hollywood Reporter

John Oliver Takes Aim at Amazon: "Convenience Comes at a Real Cost"

“Workers [at XPO Logistics] said conditions could be brutal...a woman actually died of cardiac arrest at the warehouse and managers told them to keep moving boxes as her body lay on the floor,” reported John Oliver.

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New Haven Register

North Haven XPO Logistics Workers Go on Strike

“You have the right to affordable health care, the right to retirement security, and most of all, the right to get respect for what you do,” said Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro to workers.

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Los sindicatos europeos amenazan con llevar a XPO ante la Justicia francesa

Los sindicatos estiman que una norma francesa que garantiza el respeto a los derechos humanos de todos los trabajadores podría aplicarse a nivel mundial a través de las operaciones de sus filiales extranjeras.

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New York Times

XPO Logistics Will Close Warehouse Where Some Pregnant Workers Miscarried

"The warehouse is closing because management chose to run this place like it’s their personal plantation, rather than running it like it’s a company,” one worker reported.

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UGT denuncia que las mujeres que trabajan en el almacén de XPO en Alovera (Guadalajara) sufren “graves discriminaciones”

Un informe elaborado conjuntamente por la Federación Internacional de los Trabajadores del Transporte (ITF) y UGT revela “las graves discriminaciones que padecen las mujeres que trabajan en uno de los almacenes de XPO en España”, explican desde ambos sindicatos. El estudio, titulado ‘El bienestar de las mujeres en XPO‘ (descárguelo aquí), analiza el trato que reciben las trabajadoras del almacén de XPO Logistics Alovera II (Guadalajara), donde se manejan mercancías para Amazon.

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UGT afirma tener pruebas de los “abusos” de XPO a sus trabajadores

El sindicato International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), en el que está integrada la central sindical española UGT, ofrecerá próximamente una conferencia de prensa en París en la que procederá a “revelar más pruebas sobre los abusos que sufren los trabajadores y trabajadoras” de XPO Logistics.

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Una muerte, acoso y brecha salarial: trabajadores de todo el mundo denuncian abusos del gigante de la logística XPO

Trabajadores de Francia, Reino Unido, Bélgica, España y EEUU han denunciado una "cultura empresarial" de abusos de la multinacional XPO Logistics, con más de 89.000 empleados en todo el mundo En EEUU murió una mujer en su puesto de trabajo y una compañera asegura que tuvieron que seguir trabajando "alrededor del cuerpo; no nos merecemos que nos traten así"

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18 días en huelga de hambre contra los “falsos autónomos”

Jesús Abad Pérez es camionero y trabaja para una multinacional de logística con sede en Alovera. “Estoy en un limbo legal”, lamenta Este viernes los trabajadores de la empresa celebran una concentración de apoyo al transportista que servirá también para reivindicar otros “derechos perdidos”

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Los sindicatos cargan contra las condiciones laborales de XPO en Guadalajara

Los representantes sindicales de CCOO y UGT de XPO Logistics en sus centros de Guadalajara han acordado concentrarse todos los viernes «para reivindicar la equiparación de sus condiciones laborales con el resto de operadores logísticos de la provincia».

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At first glance, XPO Logistics Europe seems to take its social responsibility seriously, but this 2018 case study outlines cases gender bias, including wage theft, discrimination and sexual harassment that plagued their female employees at just one of their warehouses in Spain.


This independent report from 2018 outlines XPO's extreme hostility to its employees’ right to choose a bargaining representative. XPO has a history of extensive, well-orchestrated campaigns by high-level managers to interfere with the U.S. National Labor Relations Board process time and time again, fighting to unlawfully strip away workers' legal rights.

Maps of Potential COVID-19 Spread by XPO

XPO’s failure to properly protect workers from COVID-19 threatened the health and safety of workers, families, and entire U.S. regions to the dangers of this pandemic.

As communities across the country were struggling with hospital, PPE, and testing storages in Spring 2020, these maps show the potential spread of the virus from XPO terminal locations with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

These maps illustrate how daily runs from nationwide facilities sent exposed workers, freight and equipment to destinations across the country.